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Democracy and Human Rights

Living in a space where your voice is heard, your freedoms are kept and your participation is allowed is what constitutes the core of democracy and human rights. And who better to keep democracy in check then civil society and the media. The role these sectors play as gatekeepers to human rights and freedoms is what gives them such a vital presence in any state. Historical precedence has proven evidence of the possible transformation that can come about through the influence of an active civil society and media sector in building momentum and impetus for grand change and development. Our December revolution in Sudan is a testimony of the power of the different media outlets, civil society organizations, and actors in mobilizing the public and swaying leadership for the good of the people.
That is what we wish to achieve with our democracy and human rights promotion programme. We seek to support and strengthen the role of civil society organizations, national networks, and the media for the purpose of advancing the state of democracy and human rights in the country. Promoting a conducive and enabling environment for civil society and the media and developing their capacity is one of our main goals.


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