Our Programmes

Natural Resource Management and Environmental Conservation

In a world were carbon emissions, plastic waste and other forms of pollution have caused tremendous degradation and erosion of numerous habitats across the globe, taking care of the environment and wisely managing its resources is a collective and global responsibility, for poor management of resources has led massive destruction and violent conflicts to erupt world-wide and Sudan is no exception.

Our aim is to play an active role in this global agenda and create change within every community and individual in Sudan, through advocating for an understanding of our unique natural habitats and the importance of preserving them, as well as making sure that the resources available are not a cause for conflict and violence amongst our people.

That is why our work on natural resource management and environmental conservation targets Sudan’s national parks where we work to raise awareness and knowledge on the importance of preserving biodiversity and protecting species and their habitats. Our approach to conservation emphasizes developing initiatives where livelihoods of local communities and development are interlinked with protecting and conserving unique environments.


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